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About Royal Classic

ROYAL CLASSIC was established in 2005 as General contracting company in Abu Dhabi. In the first decade itself since founded, the company has proved its capability to compete in various fields of engineering, construction and maintenance contract works in both the Private and government sectors. It has a strong presence in the Commercial, Residential and Industrial Building construction sector, having maintained good customer relations and completed contracts for all the companies based in the Abu Dhabi region. Since its inception, ROYAL CLASSIC has executed a number of projects in the field of engineering and construction.

ROYAL CLASSIC has achieved and maintains the ISO 9001 certification, for Civil, Electro-Mechanical, and General Maintenance contracting; reiterating its strong commitment toward delivering quality products to the utmost customer satisfaction together with keeping wellbeing of its dedicated crew and workforce Our commitment is to execute the projects entrusted with us successfully and deliver the product on time with utmost customer’s satisfaction.


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Our brief history

What We Do?

We are more than builders. We are construction partners who are passionate about what we do and our partners’ success. Over the years, we has built a strong reputation as a trusted partner in property development and has become one of the region’s leading service providers, catering to diverse needs of the industry.

We are committed to delivering you a fully integrated team and process that will ensure optimal performance throughout the life cycle of your project. We balance the short-term mandates of completing your project on time and within budget with the longer-term impacts of environmental sustainability and economic development.

The company carries a full team of tradesmen, skilled workmen and well experienced engineers and foremen. Royal classic also maintains a range of heavy construction equipment in its areas of operation. Such resources enable the company to quickly mobilize into any area, and meet the varying requirements of the schedules of its projects.

With our continued commitment to development and change, we look forward to the future and all the challenges and opportunities that it will offer.

Royal Classic

Vision For The Mission

Our mission and long-term vision is to be a preferred contractor in the region, based on its qualification to manage, enhance and innovate on quality engineered services under its management, with main objective of achieving client satisfaction and merit recognition at all times, while adding value to the group.

Strategic Approach

To achieve the above goal, Royal Classic has established and maintains effective systems compatible with ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and other relevant standards.

This approach is designed to ensure compliance with all relevant customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and through a committed investment programme, both in people and technology is focused on delivering service par excellence.

Why Choose Us

We work closely with you to create a site that achieves your aims. You needn’t worry that you will be stuck with a lengthy and expensive project that runs out of control, because we quote for work in agreed stages, with working prototypes at each stage.

Work in stages